My Hair Products

A while back, Petite Poupee (a dear subbie of mine via youtube), requested that I do a video showing the different hair products I used.  To hear me talk a bit about each product, click on the video above.  I will be relaying photos for each product below, as well as information of where to find everything, and around about how much the products cost.

shea moisture shampoo

I LOVE this shampoo!  Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo smells delicious and it leaves my locks super soft!! Since this photo was taken,  I have used up the bottle. This is definitely a product I plan on repurchasing someday. I bought this shampoo at CVS, and I have also seen Shea Moisture products at Walgreen’s. Check your local drugstores.  I found it on Walgreens’ website for $9.79 (12 fl oz).

 I did a review on my old blog for this product. Click this url to read it:

parnevu shampoo

The Parnevu Salon Shampoo for Extra-Dry Hair cleanses my hair well and is non drying. I received this shampoo, from Parnevu, to review on my channel, and have been using it since. You can find all the Parnevu products mentioned in today’s post on their website; there, this 12 fl oz bottle is currently five dollars. You should be able to find Parnevu products at drugstores, too.

 Click on the url to see my review for the Parnevu Extra Dry Products:

parnevu mayo

I have completely used up this Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise. Whenever my hair is starting to look really dry and dull I will use this to bring back life to my locks. First I wash my hair, then I apply, and then leave it in my hair for like twenty to thirty minutes, following up with a wash. After my hair is done air-drying I can see a difference right away. This hair mayo (16 oz) is sold on Parnevu’s website for seven dollars.

african hot six oil

I have been using the African Royale Hot Six Oil for years. If used regularly, I think it has helped my hair grow in length, at times. It is multi purpose (for skin, hair and nails), but I like to use it just for my hair.  It is loaded with all kinds of oil extracts!  At times I will use it as I would my Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise and other times I will apply it as a hot oil treatment to dry hair, wrapping my hair in a warm moist towel and leaving it on for about a half hour or so, and then THOROUGHLY washing it out, thereafter. I purchased this at my local Scott’s (now known as Kroger). I do not remember how much I paid. But you can find this now at some drugstores. At present, I have been able to locate it on Amazon from $4.39 to $6.99 for an eight ounce bottle.

parnevu leave in conditioner

From time to time, I use the Parnevu Leave In Conditioner for Extra-Dry Hair. I prefer to use it on dry hair rather than wet, because I feel it just sits on top of the water saturated strands. Whenever it strikes my fancy, sometimes I will apply this, and then braid my hair before going to bed. When I awake the next morning and free my hair, I have nice waves that are silky soft. This 16 oz jar leave in conditioner is on Parnevu’s website for five dollars.

Healthy Sexy Hair Leave IN Conditioner

So far, I love everything I have tried in the healthy sexy hair line. I use this (8.5 oz) Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner to tame flyaways and for extra moisture and shine.  I received this with my winnings for the Ipsy January Glambag Challenge.  You can find these products at some drugstores and Ulta. Ulta’s website currently sells it for $17.59.

healthy sexy hair soy renewal

The Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal was a hit for me from the first use. It’s texture was light and not too greasy. It is made with Moroccan Argan Oil to help with moisturizing, and Sunflower Oil to provide a smooth and shiny luster.   I like to apply it to dry hair for, of course what else (?), needed moisture. This small .85 fl oz bottle has lasted me for months.  A tiny bit goes such a long way! I am nearing the bottom of this favorite, and plan to replace it. A 4.2 oz bottle is $21.95 on Ulta’s website.


This past month or so, I have been periodically using the balanced guru organic Razzle Dazzle Oil I had also received with my Ipsy winnings for the January Glambag Look Challenge. I cannot say I have too much of an opinion, as of yet. However, it does give my hair a nice shine after application. It is geared to treat dry scalp and hair and its ingredients include: jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, geranium, and sweet orange. This one fluid ounce bottle is sold on balanced guru’s website for $25.

Split Ends Mender Organix

I do not use my Organix Coconut Split Ends Mender as often as I should. It is easy to brush through my ends after use. Its coconut milk and oils are intended to repair damaged hair. I bought it at my local Walmart. For 6 fl oz, I found this on Walmart’s website for $5.74.

  What hair products do you use and enjoy? Have you tried any of these products? What are your experiences with them?  Feel free to let me know in the comment section below! I would love to hear about them!!

And I would like to extend my thanks to my subbie and friend Petite Poupee for her request!  ❤




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