System Hinoki For Thin Hair

About a few months back I received a set of hair products from Hayashi Worldwide, LCC, geared to treat thinning hair.  One of the key ingredients is the hinoki oil, which Hayashi’s website conveys that it is supposed to help provide benefits to the scalp.  Some of my readers and viewers may remember that I have, before in other posts, briefly discussed a nervous disorder (Trichotillomania). I have been battling Trich for almost twenty years; which leaves my hair absent in some places after an episode.  When my hair grows back, it is very fine and sparse for a long while. I was most intrigued when I heard of this line.

hinoki 4-step

A few months of usage is not nearly long enough time to produce final thoughts.  At the moment I do plan to follow up with an extensive review in a month on my blog and youtube channel, and may thereafter on a later date, checking in yet again.  In short, today I will be just briefly discussing my experience so far.

The Hinoki 4-Step System set arrived neatly boxed, enclosed with literature relaying aspects about each of the products, interesting history about hinoki oil, and various causes for hair thinning in men and women.  I was sent a shampoo, conditioner, a hair thickener, and scalp leave-in conditioner.  Their scent, the shampoo especially, does remind me of a salon, in a sense–very clean.  The shampoo seems to work well in removing dirt and debris.

My scalp and long tresses are naturally very dry.  While the conditioner, and the leave-in scalp conditioner seem to have a shiny, smoothing affect, the dryness is still apparent.  Normally, I wash and condition my hair once a week, and at the most twice.  Since I have noticed even more dryness in my scalp and hair after switching to these products from my previous hair care routine, I have been getting by with washing and conditioning once a week.  The past few weeks the dry, flakiness has decreased a bit since adjusting the frequency, and not using the leave-in scalp conditioner and hair thickener. Moving forward I will be adding the leave-in scalp conditioner and hair thickener again and also some products I have previously used from other brands to help with the dryness.  I have talked with Stephanie at Hayashi, asking her if it was normal to have such a reaction (the excessive dryness). To paraphrase, she answered saying that some people have different experiences with hair products than others.  This is my experience as of now.

hinoki1 hinoki2

In regards to the packaging, I think it is wonderful they have detailed directions in different languages on the bottles.  I was surprised to find after having the items for such a short amount of time, that the print was beginning to wear off badly on the front of the bottles; and starting to come off a little on one in the back. This happened with the leave-in conditioner and the conditioner.  When I inquired about this, it was suggested that it may have been damaged during shipping.  However, the box it came in was indeed intact, and but one of the bottles had a few vacancies in the wording on the front.

I would like to make note that due to the nature of my nervous disorder, in the photos, I had made use of a hair filler as needed.

Does it work?  It is still too early for me to say for sure. In some areas, I believe the hair follicles may be a bit thicker than before, but I do not notice a huge difference.  I have enjoyed the clean feeling after usage, and the detailed information and directions that came with the set.  Again, I will be following up with a review in about a month, so keep a weather eye out for my post if you are interested to hear more about my experience with these products!

To check out their products, you can find them through this link:  Each of these 10 fl oz products can be purchased separately (the Hinoki Shampoo is $20, Hinoki Conditioner is $20, Hinoki Plus Leave-in Conditioner is $21.50, and Hinoki Hair Thickener is $21.50) or as a set for $78.85.

I would like to thank Stephanie at Hayashi for sending these products for me to try, and I would like to extend my gratitude to Honey from youtube for referring me to them.





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