Zoya Nail Polish Haul


Yesterday, finally an order of mine from Zoya arrived in the mail.  I saw a sale back in January, I believe it was, for three for free ( I just had to pay for shipping), and an exclusive, mystery mini trio set, which was also free.  It sounded like such a great deal, that I did cave and made an order on their website.

When I opened up my surprise trio, I was overwhelmed by the adorable little bottles. They are just darling!  And the three full sized polishes I had selected look so beautiful; I am excited to try them on soon!!

zoya mini severine

Zoya Mini in “Severine”

      This gold looks exciting! I think I may want to try this out first!!

zoya mini anais

Zoya Mini in “Anais”

  This black seems to have the faintest hint of shimmer to it.  I am wondering how it will look under some of my Rainbow Honey glitter polishes.

zoya mini charlott

Zoya Mini in “Charlott”

  This looks like a cream, off white to me.  I don’t usually wear white polish, but I would like to see what I can do with it, and break out of my comfort zone.

zoya india

Zoya Full Sized “India”

I have been really interested in trying more red nail polishes with lots of shimmer.  This red with coppery gold shimmer looked so pretty on the website, that I just had to order it.

zoya dream

Zoya Full Sized “Dream”

  Back in highschool, I loved wearing a sapphire, royal blue nail polish, especially on my toe nails.  I have been wanting to try this kind of nail polish again.

zoya imogen pixiedust

 Zoya Full Sized PixieDust in “Imogen”

  I don’t normally wear much black nail polishes, but the sparkles against the dark shade really fascinated me.  It looks stunning in person!

Have you tried any of these polishes? What do you think of them? What are your favorite nail polishes to wear? Please feel free to comment below!!

❤ Beth.



10 thoughts on “Zoya Nail Polish Haul

  1. You didn’t watch that video so you wouldn’t know… but in my collection vid I show my minis… I’ve always been a fan of the zoya minis… the bottles are so fun and the mystery collection is a great bunch of shades.

    • It was their three free sale, I saw it in an email. Whenever they have the sale, I think if you put your email in their mailing list, they will contact you when they have it. Imogen and severine sounds like a cool pairing 🙂 I’ll have to try it!

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